Browse our sofas collection, you will surely find the product that fits your needs. Solid materials, fine upholstery and high quality are the key feeatures of all our products.

  • Albert sofa collection

    Albert is a collection of linear sofas. elegant and minimal. Oblique lines define a totally harmonic structure.

  • Charles B. sofa collection

    Elegant and old-fashioned design for an excellent product, made unique by the masterly handicraft leather covers.

  • Extra Norman 100 sofa collection

    Regular shapes, serious and squared geometrical elements matching together to create a multiform system

  • Extra Norman 120 sofa collection

    If you are mad at the Extra Norman sofa, you will surely love the over-depth version even more: 120 cm of pure comfort

  • Genius Gold sofa collection

    Genius Gold is a Premium version of the Genius 016, thought to be even more comfortable, bigger and softer.


  • Genius-016 sofa collection

    When you join together the comfort and the softness of the best materials with the most advanced seating technology, you definitely can obtain Genius-016, a collection of sofas with extensible seats.

  • Henry sofa collection

    Henry is a face-changing piece: while modern and minimal from a side view, it simply turns old and vintage on a front view.

  • James B. sofa collection

    Comfortable but elegant, fine and light. A soft structure laying on minimal metallic feet

  • Light Desert sofa collection

    Softness is the key feature of Light-Desert. A very padded seating structure, arranged in squared cushions, resting on minimal thin feet.

  • Moving sofa collection

    Fantasy ad creativity are not an optional in this sofa. The -definitely- moving backrest and the cubism-inspired asymmetric lines create a product made for the most innovative spaces.

  • Norman 100-120 sofa collection

    You liked Extra-Norman but you are not entirely satisfied? Here you are two brand new version of the famous Norman sofa, now proposed in different combination with two different depths

  • Planet-016 sofa collection

    Sofas from -definitely- another Planet. 016 to be exact. A planet of comfort and softness but with a touch of alien-slender-like design.

  • Reef sofa collection

    Modular is no more a simple distant word, but a reality thanks to Reef sofa collection: modular pieces featuring the unique quality and comfort you really need for your space.

  • Terminal Gold sofa collection

    If you fell in love with the Terminal sofa, you will surely love this Gold version too, full of fine and precious details.

  • Terminal-016 sofa collection

    Serious, compact, straight end elegant. High design soul for a timeless piece.

  • William sofa collection

    An old-fashioned piece, now in a modern key, with the best materials and softest seats.