About Us


We deal only with high quality products, all made in Italy by design leader companies, with all the UE and International quality certifications


Our projects are unique and totally original, with three fundamental characteristics: Modern style, European taste, Italian design


Vasa provides to its customers an high skilled team of architets, interior designers and consultants fully dedicated to their project, to follow step-by-step planning, realization and all customers’ needs


Our company is based on people. Everyone in Vasa has its skills and works in team with all the others, sharing all the experiences he got. Our goal is to give not a single, but the whole expertise of our team to customers , providing a complete and highly professional service


An ambitious project, that was born with an Italian soul, to enstabilsh an high profile company in the world of contract furnishing. Since its name, Vasa got a meaning that goes far beyond the surface: it leads until the origin of the Latin language. The original meaning referred to general furniture and equipment, but also to all the necessary to reach your own purpose. That’s where Vasa’s mission lies: becoming a reliable, high skilled and qualified partner to all the business furnishing needs.
Vasa is quality furniture, exclusive projects and custom solutions all for the B2B world.